You Need a Back Up Plan

If you read one of our latest blog posts, you might be freaking out. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that your WordPress site has been hacked or will be hacked in the future. However, most sites are recoverable after a hack once it’s been discovered. We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a little instruction on how best to get a backup plan in place so that you’re not up the creek without a paddle should your site ever be compromised.

Pro Tip: Before installing any plugins to your WordPress site, we always recommend backing up your information. Yes, we recommend backing up your data before downloading your backup plugin. Better safe than sorry!

The best backup plugins for your WordPress site, as told by Nicely Built:

  1. BackupWordPress: Highly rated in the plugin directory, simple to setup, option for Dropbox integration… this plugin is perfect for novice and intermediate level WordPress users. The plugin is very ‘plug and play’ — meaning that once you have installed and activated BackupWordPress, there aren’t many other steps. One important step to remember, however, is to select ‘Both Database and Files’ when setting up your backup schedule. One downside is lack of a restore option. Advanced knowledge of WordPress development may be required to recover the site. As long as you have a recent backup, a developer will be able to help you.
  2. VaultPress: For a small 5 dollars a month, this easy to use backup system will automatically sync in realtime as well as runs security scans on a daily basis. If you provide FTP information to your site, VaultPress can automatically restore a backup to your site, which is awesome.

Don’t waste another minute being unprotected, download one of these options now or do your own research to find the plugin best suited for your needs.

If you’re a Nicely Built client, you have nothing to fear! Not only do we have a backup solution in place for all of our sites — we also closely monitor hacking attempts and update our security measures continuously. For example, if your username is guessed and a hacker tries to break in by guessing the password thousands of times we will catch this and change your username to something new. We’re always on watch!


Do you have a Hack Horror Story you can share with us? We’d love to hear what happened, how you dealt with it, and what advice you can share with other WordPress site owners as a result!


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