Better Packing Slips in Shopify

By default, Shopify prints the entirety of a customer order when you go to print a packing slip. Aye yai yai that’s a lot of information! Not to mention this document may not even fit on a single page. One of the first questions asked by Nicely Built customers is, “How the heck do I print a concise packing slip?”

Too Much Information


This is such a common request that Shopify built a free app called Order Printer to make the chore of handling packing slips a lot easier – for both merchants and for customers. After installing the app in your store, a new option will appear on the customer order page. Click on the More Options icon to the left of the old Print option to open a dropdown and select ‘Print with Order Printer’ from the dropdown menu.

Solution: Shopify’s Print with Order Printer App (Free)


Voilà! A much more concise packing slip is automatically generated. Your customers will receive a packing slip that displays only pertinent order information in a user friendly format.

So Fresh, So Clean



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