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6 Tips to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

If you’re an email marketer, you should probably know by now that no aspect of your marketing campaigns can be left unattended for too long. This includes your email list.

No matter how great you think your email list is, you can never stop working on it. With the average email list depreciating at 25 percent each year, it’s simply inevitable that you will need to clean up your email list and attract new subscribers.

The good news is that getting quality subscribers isn’t as difficult as you may think. With these six tips, you can gain new subscribers to help grow your email list for more effective campaigns.

Encourage Referrals

Do your current subscribers enjoy your newsletter? Encourage them to spread the word with a referral program. However, just be sure that you offer a good incentive to motivate them.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful driver of traffic and sales. In fact, 82 percent of Americans say they seek recommendations from friends and family before making a purchase.

To get your subscribers to spread the word, you need to implement the right referral marketing program. With good incentives and an effective strategy, you’ll gain new subscribers and earn more sales in the process.

Let Them Be in Full Control

Consumer inboxes are more crowded than ever, and they are constantly being asked to subscribe to a new list. Committing to another email newsletter isn’t something they do lightly.

To make providing their email feel less like a commitment, give the user full control of what types of emails they receive and their sending frequency. This way, they know that they won’t be getting bombarded with emails from you, and the emails they do receive will be relevant and engaging.

During the opt-in process, offer new subscribers the chance to tailor their preferences, but be careful not to have too many choices, as this might overwhelm them before they complete the process.

Host a Social Media Contest

Hosting a social media contest is another possible way to grow your subscriber list and create brand awareness. To widen your reach, consider partnering with an influencer in your niche.

Partnering with an influencer with a similar target demographic can help you acquire high-quality leads and drive targeted traffic to your online store. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Use Automation

The era of email blasts is long behind us, and marketing automation has become the standard for serious small to mid-sized businesses (SMB). If you’re going to entice new subscribers with an amazing email newsletter, then you need the capabilities to meet their high expectations.

What do new subscribers expect from your email newsletter? At the very least, they are looking for an enticing offer. According to statistics, people are four times more likely to open a welcome email, and they enjoy a high click through rate as well.

Springbot makes it super easy to set up a highly personalized and relevant welcome email series to help you make a great first impression. Check out more of our enhanced email capabilities to see how you can leverage automation for increased sales and revenue!

Offer a Content Upgrade

Offering content upgrades is a brilliant way to gain new subscribers and drive more traffic and sales to your eCommerce store. A content upgrade is simply bonus content that you offer to people in exchange for their email address.

Made popular by Brian Dean from Backlinko, this tactic differs from the typical lead magnet, in that it is targeted specifically to those who have already consumed certain content on your site. By offering them content that builds upon what they just read, you can provide them something of value and gain a new subscriber in the process.

Strategically Place Opt-In Form

Where you place your opt-in form can have a huge impact on how many email signups you get from your website. Place it in the wrong area, and you could be missing out on hundreds—if not thousands—of email subscribers.

To uncover the best places to put your opt-in form, consider using a heat map to see where your visitors are clicking on your page and where they spend the most time. This can help you strategically place your opt-in forms for the best results.

Final Words

Your email marketing campaigns are only as good as your email list. To make the most of your marketing efforts, it’s essential that you keep a healthy list of active subscribers. We hope that these six tips gave you some helpful ideas to grow your email list so that you can gain more from your marketing efforts!

About Springbot

Springbot provides advanced eCommerce marketing technology for small to medium-size
retailers. We make the overwhelming task of running and tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns ridiculously simple, from email and social marketing, to online ads, Amazon Marketplace and more. The key is Springbot’s integration with BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify to deliver the power of data management, marketing automation and analytics. We then take that information and make data-driven marketing recommendations specifically tailored for your needs.


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