Talk about hometown pride. Creating a new website for the world renowned Babiators was truly an honor. Their team was a joy to work with, providing us with a vast selection of fun, high quality photography to work with as well as quickly answering our questions regardless of how technical or bizarre.

Nicely Built is very proud of the final product — a fully custom Shopify ecommerce website with several bells and whistles. The product page is one of the most complex we’ve completed to date. Note the tooltips that appear over each color option and how only product image thumbnails are shown for the current selected color. Each product page also features community sourced Instagram photos of the currently viewed product. This feature allows the Babiators staff to fully moderate and curate which photographs are shown.

The Babiators site is also an excellent example of our illustration capabilities. Nicely Built created the iconography as well as the charts and infographics found throughout the site.