Welcome to the Big Leagues.

You’ve been around for a while. You’ve put in your time, worked your way through the trenches of modern e-commerce and now you want a leg up on your competition.

We imagine you’re speaking with a variety of vendors. You’re comparing pricing and scouting portfolios all in an effort to find a team who can handle the complexity of your vision and speak your language. Nicely Built may not have been your first stop, but let us tell you why it will be your last.

You won’t find a vendor with a more comprehensive library of options than Nicely Built. We have an up to date and ever-evolving knowledge of plug and play solutions for your company to utilize, and when existing solutions don’t do the trick, we have industry experts with years of experience in using the Shopify API to create something unique that will live up to your vision. Even better, we have SDKs exclusively available to Shopify Plus merchants, so you’ll know you’re always getting the best the web has to offer.

The Enterprise Merchant Class is Nicely Built’s premium service. Our team will make what seems like a big job into something exciting, energizing and, most importantly to you, profitable. You won’t find a better bang for your buck.

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