You Need a Back Up Plan

If you read one of our latest blog posts, you might be freaking out. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that your Wordpress site has been hacked or will be hacked in the future. However, most sites are recoverable after a hack once it’s been discovered. We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a little instruction on how best to get a backup plan in place so that you’re not up the creek without a paddle

Help! My WordPress site has been hacked!

Step one: Breathe. Remembering to stay calm is the most important step to take when you suspect a hack! The reality of owning a website is that you invariably open yourself up on a daily basis to the possibility of a hacker, thief, or other garden variety day-ruiner breaking in and running amok. Here are some tips for helping you protect your site and remaining calm in the event you have to deal with a