Why You Should Never Delete, Unpublish, or otherwise Hide Products on the Web

When selling in the online marketplace, there will eventually come a time when you either run out of a product you carry or decide that the demand for it has waned and it is no longer profitable to sell.  Often when this occurs sellers will delete the product or hide the product from shoppers.  While this may seem like an easy way to clean up and keep your dashboard nice and tidy, by removing these products

You Hired Nicely Built! What’s Next?

Now that you've hired Nicely Built, it's time to get started on the next steps. There's plenty you can do between the hiring and our kickoff phone call. When you get ready up front the final product is a stronger one, and the likelihood the project will run over budget or off schedule dramatically decreases. Prepare for Kickoff The kickoff call sets the tone for the entire project, so taking some time to prepare will

New and Upcoming Shopify Features

Shopify is a great option for online merchants looking to take advantage of the latest in ecommerce technology. But you also need to take advantage of all the features it offers if you want to get the maximum benefit. Fortunately, the Shopify platform is automatically updated (unlike other platforms such as Wordpress or Magento), so Shopify customers will have access to new and updated features right when they come out. Some new and upcoming features