Deepen Customer Engagement with MailChimp’s New Automation Options

Digital marketers have yet another reason to fall in love with MailChimp, as they recently announced that basic marketing automation is now included with their free email marketing plans. Automated emails that allow shop owners and marketers to stay in close contact with their audience can help drive additional sales and engagement. Learn how you can take advantage of this terrific opportunity to grow your business with MailChimp standard automations. Shopify + MailChimp Using MailChimp when you have a Shopify storefront is a match

A Trick for Super Charging Email Collection on your Ecommerce Website

Any merchant will agree getting customers to engage with a website via a newsletter sign up is important for gaining return visits and also increasing your sales. For new merchants, enticing visitors to sign up for the store's email newsletter can be especially tricky. The most widely used incentive is offering new subscribers a percentage off their purchase in exchange for signing up.As with any Ecommerce website, getting your customers to stay on your website or engage with it,

Options for Issuing Store Credit for Returned Merchandise in Shopify

While all shop owners hope that everything a customer purchases will end up being a hit, unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Customers often do return items, whether it is due to wrong fit, duplication, or simply realizing that the item was something they no longer wanted or needed.  If this occurs, the shop owner will have two options, refund the customer the amount they paid, or issue a store credit for the value of the