20 Mar 2017

4 Must-Dos to Spring Clean Your eCommerce Store

It seems hard to believe, but spring is nearly here. After a busy holiday season, now is the time to take stock of our eCommerce sites and do some serious spring cleaning. Although many online retailers would like to think that their eCommerce stores are evergreen, the truth is that store pages can become outdated, and databases can get cluttered. As a result, SEO will take a hit if neglected for too long. To keep

Shooting Guidelines for Merchants and Photographers

Product photos Can be square or tall rectangle. Placement of product(s) must be consistent; i.e., all product dead center with a good amount of space (15% of total width/height for each edge) around the top, sides, and bottom of the frame (NO tight crop). Orientation must be consistent; whether you opt for square or rectangle, the choice must be used for all of the product photographs. Color/lighting/tone must be consistent throughout product photographs. The maximum

Better Packing Slips in Shopify

By default, Shopify prints the entirety of a customer order when you go to print a packing slip. Aye yai yai that’s a lot of information! Not to mention this document may not even fit on a single page. One of the first questions asked by Nicely Built customers is, “How the heck do I print a concise packing slip?” Too Much Information This is such a common request that Shopify built a free app